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Design Analysis

Arbab  Poly Pack Ltd. thinkbox development team bring ideas to reality. The development process can start with a product, a requirement or design concept. Intuitive, dedicated, graphic designers, material specialists, packaging engineers and Technical application specialists ensure packaging performance. We will work with you to create a bespoke innovative packaging solution. Film, Board, Label or any combination of these can be utilised to create your own unique on shelf presence. Share your ideas with us and we will do the rest.

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Specification Building

Based on consumer and market research a tailored specification is built to fit functional, category, environmental and customer requirements. Arbab Poly Pack Ltd. patented solutions are available for product preservation, packaging reduction and re-closable applications.

Delivering purpose-designed solutions, our thinkbox team craft packaging specifications around brand management principles and end-use. Hybrid options using multiple packaging components for example film and board fusions can be integrated into the packaging specification at this stage to reduce cost in the long-term.


Creative Design & Prototyping

Our aim is to optimise the 3 P’s of packaging – Protection, Preservation and Promotion.

Arbab Poly Pack Ltd.  thinkbox Design Team use these principles as the foundation for development, adopting a consultative shared approach to enhance these features. Providing decades of combined design experience across multiple products, formats, categories and materials, thinkbox deliver an unrivalled service.

Through our unique Packaging Prototype service, we use CAD development and Digital artwork overlay to trial and demonstrate packaging look, feel, functionality and form prior to design completion. Scientific Testing is available at our Food Science Institute, offering analysis into packaging atmospheres, shelf-life preservation, breathability, durability and pack environment.

Recognising packaging reduction initiatives, our thinkbox team will work with you to develop rational, value engineered solutions without compromising product functionality.


Design Registration

Post design and prototyping, our thinkbox team will manage design registration processes prior to product launch. With in-house Intellectual Property experts, we drive packaging through this process ensuring that your packaging not only leads, but also safeguards an innovative position within the marketplace.